Error on getting data from Airtable

I am getting same data multi time .

. Sometime its say “List index too large” , sometime not getting data. I tried many time but can’t solve it . Here is the block image… and the apk file Public_Voice.apk (8.0 MB) and aia file Public_Voice.aia (155.5 KB) . If anyone is familiar with dynamic cardview then please help me

For Each Number Loop should be in then part of global switch = 3.


You could use 3 different spreadsheet components for different data like 1st for image 2nd for text etc. Try and reply…

I tried that also but didn’t work​:grin::grin: after that also i am getting same error

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Yeah that may be the solution but app may lag in some old device

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Have you tried?

Yeah , i tried that its working on my phone but i think on some old device it may lag

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Use this blocks only but set the last global switch to 0 it will work 100 percent . Don’t take seperate spreadsheets for image title or subtitle :relaxed:

What you done wrong is you had set last global switch to 1

Ok, @Techy_Gang thank you so much , i will do the same

It doesn’t work for me

Try this…

Thanks @kweng @Techy_Gang @ADDYLIN @Kshitij and everyone my problem is solved now. Thanks for your help and support


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