Error on the platform, message that appears in the app

This message is appearing frequently in my applications, there is no error in the code, if I open a screen and close, the message starts to appear randomly when playing some of the functions programmed by me. if I do not open any other screen, everything works perfectly. I think the error should be on the platform. as has already happened in more than different application.


It’s because, of a Notifier, close the app and try again.

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Friend, everything works fine until you open and close another screen. any screen in any application. very strange. if it was in an application only I would ignore the problem, more happens in different applications simply for the same reason!

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Yes I understand but, other people have this issue as well and have fixed it using Mika’s topic.

I researched here the solution that you do not report, did not find, you can forward the link to me.