Error select list item in google sheet if the last value in column A empty!

Why this error appear!?
Iam using recycler extension (.count) if i search to the last value in the column or click on any last value this error appear >>
But if i add a (-) in the last row after the last specific value
No problem occur…
So I have to put space like this(-)

at the end of each column and that’s very difficult every time I want to add an item to g sheet

Value in green : the specific value i need to add it…
Value in purple : I add it to prevent select list item problem of the previous value

Why don’t you work with data instead ?

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If I’m going to work with data should I just change the .count?? Because I noticed that length of list should be used if count
Does this apply to data??
Also, there are a lot of logical operations related to search
I am worried that there will be problems with the search process

Of course you have to re design some things but once done it would be much easier

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I’ll give it a try, I hope I don’t get any errors
If there are any problems, I will let you know

You did see my test aia today so it won’t be so difficult to adapt code

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Yes, this is true, but the aia of the recycler count file has many search features that I think will cause me problems
Anyway, I will make a new version to try it

thanks ,but i solved the problem by deleting the empty row
like this :
i have text in 13000 rows
and 10 rows after 13000 is empty
so i delete the 10 rows
and try to search no problem appear

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Yes, that will work if you ensure that the last row on the sheet is the last row of data.

I often recommend this when using array formulas, to remove all empty rows (and columns), in the knowledge that Sheets will add these as required when new data arrives.

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