Error shown in Firebase, cannot get null value

Hello Guy,

I’m making a PUBG Battle App, completed almost 90% of it but stuck at one point.
I’ve checked everything and I don;t think anything is wrong in my setup.

Here are my blocks and errors -

Errors shown in app:


Config -

Help would really be apreciated!


Stop using change firebase url and get value blocks at the same time. Its May cause bugs.

I recommed use get value block with /


Here my experience

Seriously? Do you think Append Value and Get Value blocks are the same?

Firebase. url should be firebase.projrctbucketScreenshot%20(5)
change userdb.FirebaseUrl to userdb.ProjectBucket

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Project bucket seems alright.

But, the problem is I didn’t yet understand what is the problem he fetching! :lying_face:


what do you think about this

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It’s fine… Nothing seems problem in it.

see this how url is

Here is an example how he calling data…

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but were is he setting main url

Inside firebase properties…

but when you use firebase .setfirebase url then property value will be set on empty and block link will set to url st blocks

What it means?

when you use this type of block

then this type of property value will be set to Users/users( for example from above block screenshot )
not to for that you need to do below step


set firebase url to simple url
and then use set project bucket block


Nope they are not same. Just dont use change project bucket/url and get/append block at the same time.

Didn’t get any error till now… Doing this from a long time ago…

What about I have told you

This reply is to @Ali_Aydin

Thanks everyone, I just got
I’ve set firebase url
but firebase bucket was to be set,

Now it’s working!

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