Error when trying to build apk while using ColintreeImei extension

Help ! I am trying to build my apk, but got error. I am using Gradient extension and colinTREEIMEI extension. check the image properly- bandicam 2019-12-09 19-07-07-446

Why you hide the info that may be needed to help you. What happens after you remove the extensions? You have to give more info.


I am not removing my extension, It’s needed to my application. Why i am remove it ?

Looks like that extension was last updated like 2 years ago?? Does that extension include the OnRequestPermissionResultListener class?

No , Same extension properly work in another platform. But here shows error when trying to build.

Device utils component also has this block


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Oh , that mean you are try to saying to me " remove colintreeIMEI " Extension ?


Thanks ! Got solution . :relaxed:

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