Error when trying to generate APK and AAB: Does not save one or more files

I’m trying to generate the AAB and the error appears as shown in the image.

  1. I tested generating other applications with these same extensions and the server worked perfectly;
  2. The application I’m encountering problems with is complex, but much larger than those in the tests;
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Share your aia or try this method

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This error is for AAB and APK too.
Your soluction was made with others app and helped me a lot.

Is there any limitation on the size of the application to be compiled for APK or ABB. All my other apps much smaller. So I think the problem is “a PREMIUM user” having the treatment of a common user and having my project limited to 5 MB.
@pavi2410 can you help me?

More information to help anyone who can help me find a solution:

  1. I’ve already looked for text boxes and labels with excessive characters. There is not! They all have little or no text and most are texts generated when running the application;
  2. Long texts are generated in HTML and are not that long;
  3. There are no warnings or errors, not even any components without function, like, just taking up space;


  1. I made statistics on the number of components used in this project and they do not exceed the quantity used in a previous project.
  2. It is a complex application with a database, many queries, with data processing, report generation and text boxes for entering information, but nothing abusive or unnecessary.
    The application works normally when run, without errors or warnings, but it only presents an error when trying to compile to APK or AAB. I imagine that this error is due to some external limitation. Remembering: I checked text boxes and labels for text size.
    The objective of contracting PREMIUM services is the possibility of using the promise of UNLIMITED for the size of the applications and being able to develop larger and more complex projects.
    Can anyone help me get out of this impasse?

The size of AIA does not reach 3 MB.

Try and show us the result… it looks like you have a very large project with lots of blocks… how many screens and blocks on each screen do you have? Unchive will provide that information…


Thanks Taifun for the tip on doing the statistics. Below are the prints with the most complete statistical data.


If a limitation on the number of blocks per screen is the problem, I believe that such a limitation hinders the development of more complex and useful applications for users.

More than 23.000 blocks in 1 screen and a lot of spaces, buttons, labels, arrangements…
Reuse your components an split your screen into several different screens each with kess blocks

Also what are these monster procedures/events in red?


I understood the limitation of 23,000 blocks on a single screen.

  1. Displays and hides vertical arrangements for each function (screens for users). It is divided according to each menu item.
  2. Displays selected data in each SQL command.

I realize that I already have a line of action to solve the problem.