Error while exporting apk file

Sumit bhai, But we should solve this issue for next time.

@Nami_Chand Your app is getting closed when store or got button is click (is this is also happening with you)

Yes i have the same problem.

I am checking kodular docs and there also nothing i think that tiny db web is discontinued or is of older version so it is not working

Then, what can we do to solve this issue?

wait i want to know that you want to upload/store only text and nothing else

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Ok i will use firebase. but this issue…

Can we contact the Kodular staff.

You can use cloudinary also but if you want to store using firebase store it in realtime database

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Just add http://


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Wooo Sucess

Annotation 2021-06-07 110126

thats why i was getting this msg all the time :grinning:


i was able to fetch and store data. but thre was protocol error only through apk

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All you had is to do was to read carefully Hosting your own TinyWebDB


So actually both problems are solved ? :slight_smile:

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Thanks all. :pray:


Nice Still i have to learn more


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