Error with Banner using Google Ads Manager

What I’ve done so far:

  1. My app is already live in Google Play Store, it is also active in the Google Ads Manager.
  2. Went to the app and change my old banners with Banner Ad1.
  3. Paste the App ID on the Monetization settings.
  4. Used the following blocks that executes on app initialization:

When the banner is in test mode (companion), this error shows:

And when the banner is NOT in test mode (companion), this is the error:

When I downloaded the app. the error #2 shows and can no longer proceed with the other blocks.
Since I am new to this, can you give an advice or detailed instruction on how to make things work. Thank you.


The first error is an issue with Google. See if you can test on a different device and show test ads.

Can you share an apk (preferably via PM) so that I can reproduce error #2?



I’ve been testing yesterday and last night, seems I did not encounter the error #2 again, instead, the error #1 keep showing. Thank you!


  1. Tested on other device (Redmi s2):
    a. Test ads shows no error (shows the banner test ads)
    b. NOT test ads shows error #1
  2. Tested on my device POCO x3 NFC
    a. Test ads shows error #1
    b. Not test ads shows error #2

When test mode is disabled, error #1 is the equivalent of a no-fill error and should resolve itself a few days after first building your app with Ad Manager components.

I’ll look into what’s causing #2 and get back to you.


Alright! Anyway, when using Ads from Ad Manager, does Kodular still needs to approved the app before the ads appear (when downloaded from kodular, not in the app store).

Actually, when test mode is disabled, error #2 shows, not error #1.

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At the moment, Ad Manager components do not require prior approval to display ads


Your compiled apps should show ads now. Please re-export your projects and give it a few hours to start showing ads.

The issue with the companion will be fixed in the upcoming release


please add blocks in Google Ad Manager so we can dismiss or bypass the Ad components, before it pops the error. I lost about 150 users in a single just the 1st day the release of my app with Google Ad Component, its keeps crushing the app again and again splash screen pops up, sometimes it works fine sometimes it crushing. I reported the issue to the community already :neutral_face: