Error with bearing

I got this error when try to implement the bearing equation., it works fine with Companian with no error, but after i built it i got this error

It means you have not used any values in that component

But in Companian it works fine with no errors

Are you sure error is from this part only? Because in error table 3 is there but in the screenshot , no where is that.
I mean you are trying to get it in label 3 but in the error message clearly it says label 3 text also involved in the calculation and still it was not uses by any value. It was ithe form text only

this is the other part

So it clears that, lable3 values come from tinyDb. but it seems empty. So pls check that

The values from tinyDB weren’t empty, beside it works fine through Companian but shows error after app built

In the screen init block just condition like, if tinyDB is not empty, then you will make sure the exact problem. I am sure it is empty. use clock component to get lattitu and long. sometime app will need time to read the geolocation. May be due to that…

Are you label 1 and label2 showing values??? debug it and show to us??

Both label 1 and 2 show values ( red circle)

after the error only you are getting the value in labels, correct? pls check up

No the values exist before error. Actually the values ( latitude and longitude)saved in screen1 as tinyDB

But clearly it says, lable 3 has no value it seems…
Clear this box from the designer mode and try.

Debug on label3 text just like this,

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