Errors retrieving spreadsheet data

Everything, I’m having trouble when the application will retrieve the data that is in the spreadsheet, the data that is in the spreadsheet as many as 15 rows of data when the application is run it will show an error, but if the data is only 11 rows there will be no errors displayed, the point is that the data more than 11 will display the problem
Screenshot 2022-05-21 153331
Screenshot 2022-05-21 153242

To avoid such errors, try to set ids like this

from 1 to… by 3

cardview joinVA1+number
1st label join labelA_+number
2nd label join LabelA1_+number
3rd label join LabelA2_+number

from 2 to… by 3

cardview joinVA2+number
1st label join labelB_+number
2nd label join LabelB1_+number
3rd label join LabelB2_+number

from 3 to… by 3

cardview joinVA2+number
1st label join labelC_+number
2nd label join LabelC1_+number
3rd label join LabelC2_+number

thanks dora

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