Es posible agregar un marcador en la herramiento Google Maps?

Hola, buen día, makeroid ha sido muy util, me parece muy bueno,

en la herramienta de google maps, es posible agregar un marcador? un punto especifico aparte de mi ubicación?

Gracias estoy muy atento.

Maybe if your post was in English, we could try to answer you

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Hello, good morning, makeroid has been very useful, it seems very good,

in the google maps tool, is it possible to add a bookmark? a specific point other than my location?

Thanks, I’m very attentive.

Much better thanks !
By “bookmark”, do you mean “marker”?

Because if that’s the case, it’s quite possible.
You just have to do as on the screenshot (adding a marker after clicking on the map)


Thanks, Muchas Gracias,!!! :slight_smile:

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