ESC\POS commands thermal printer extension - my fourth extension (ATTENTION: WORK IN PROGRESS!) [FREE]

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This is simple extension to convert text to ESC\POS commands to send to the thermal printer.
This extension works, but need to improve (cant enter or space words correctly for now).
I know that some developers created similar and better extension, but I did it only for learning better java and how to develop extensions.
I will be happy for help in finishing the development of this extension and I will be happy for help in private messages or here :slight_smile:

The thermal printer that I checked on it is: Goojprt pt-210 (from aliexpress).

for now, you can print regular text in english. the plain is to support hebrew and more.
for enter command, use \n it should work, sometimes…
again, this is under work.

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connect with bluetooth client-send bytes.

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2024-02-24T20:30:00Z :earth_americas:

com.matanel.ESCPOSCOMMANDS.aix (6.3 ק״ב)
Version: 1.0

to @mmnettime for inspiration.
to @vknow360, @Xoma and @Taifun - for helping during the developing.


How can i bold text size in this extension ?