Exceeded Max Simultaneous Users on Firebase Plan

Which plan are you currently using ? I think I need an upgrade. Coz my simultaneous users exceeded 100 & my app started showing blank screen (no data at all). :pensive:

You can also use Airtable and MySql:sweat_smile:

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As far as I know firebase is the fastest. I wasnt happy with Airtable & never used mysql.

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Can you show evidence / where did you get this from?

Airtable is also decent, but if you refuse to use it, maybe you can also use TinyWebDB (see this topic to learn how to host it.)

The reason why I dont use Airtable is that its not fast enough & mine is a quiz app where the user has to select the right answer within 20 seconds. Now I have 11k+ downloads & more than 100 users try to play it at the same time & thts why it behaves strangely… Is Tinyweb DB realtime & fast ?


Honestly, I don’t know, I never used those at such a large scale. It mostly depends on the hosting servers capacities, I think.

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I hope someone will be able to help me here…

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A MySql database is suitable for your app.
If you want that then you can a lot of tutorials on Google or Youtube for setting up a MySql database.

so you are trying to say that mysql is better than firebase ?

Yes MySql is sometimes better than Firebase.
But if you need this

then give MySql a try.

how many simultaneous connections are possible with mysql ?

Just Google it.You will find your answer.

I did… but not much details about mysql realtime stuff…

By default it is 151 but you can increase it also.

but to do that I will anyway have to pay money & changing database is not simple coz of the number of users & coz they all need an update to make it work… could you atleast tell me what makes you think that mysql is better than firebase for a quiz app ?

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I am personally developing a Trivia Quiz app and trust me mysql is much more secured compared to Firebase .

Airtable only allows 5 requests/second unfortunately.

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But I was talking about MySql.

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It was a reply to your first answer.

Thanks for your confirmation:hugs:
I was really aware of that.
But I do not think so much users will use my app.
So I work with Airtable in urgent need.:innocent:

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