Exceeded Max Simultaneous Users on Firebase Plan

I dont think airtable protects data like firebase do… do they even have read write rules ?

you lost the trust befor i trust you

visit this page and scroll down a bit and you will see “Blaze Plan Calculator”
enter your expected amount of data and see the pricing, make sure it suits your budget
and also

Also, learn about Mysql, learning will not harm:slightly_smiling_face:

Correct, you do not have the same security for airtable. Airtable is not designed formany different users with different permissions.


Can you select the Blaze plan and set limits to the usage of storaga, bandwidth etc. in order to just pay for what you want? For example I’d like to have some more real time connections and pay extra just for that and in case the data saved on the DB exceeded the limit I would prefer not to pay for it but rather put a limit so it stops at a certain point before being charged.

No, you cannot currently cap your Blaze plan usage. We are evaluating options for supporting caps on Blaze plan usage.

Blaze users can define a budget for their project or account, and receive alerts as their spending approaches those limits. For more information see Set Budget Alerts.

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You cant put a limit on it… may be you can set a daily spending limit & monthly budget. The monthly budget will only notify you when you are close to that amount…