EXIT Animation in the app

Hey i can see whenever i use THE CLOSE APPLICATION tag in my app to close the app and exit, the app closes like that it has crashed…means without any animation…but all other apps closes with a animation in my phone…can anyone help me to achieve the animation on exit?

here animation means the default one used in android

can anyone plz reply to this?

Use close screen animation

Any screenshot or video ?

I have the same problem. When I use the close app block in a screen other than Screen1 it doesn’t show close screen animation, it crashes without animation. On the other hand, it works properly when I put the same block in Screen1. May anyone help me to solve this problem?

Have you found a solution to this problem?

Simple , when user hits on exit make clock to timer

When clock timer make animation to display for particular period of time and when time overs call the procedure to close the screen through right procedure also stop animation to play

I don’t mean that.

Go to the properties of the Screen from where the users get Exit and choose the close screen animation

I already did that but it doesn’t work.

I am sure that close animation doesn’t work from any screen other than Screen1. You can try it.