Exit app not working

its working if you not go to another screen from main screen. if you goes any other screen from main screen then the function would not work

Where is your blocks ?? Do you guys think us robot?

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show your blocks on main screen and other screen so that we can help.

8 out of 10 topics comes with No Blocks! Don’t you think this is childish? :thinking: We can’t help you until you help us!

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If you are using this method for your screen switch

then don’t use this block

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How use this method if open screens with value. Can you help

This is not helpful as you are hiding your blocks



I opening new screen with value from home screen.

Just use close screen to exit the app don’t use close application.

How open new screen with value by this method?


But there are different values have to set in one screen. How managae it

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There need to make blocks for each value?

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If I knew how and what you do, then I would be able to help

Can i use it?

Of course you can

Thanks. Fixed

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