Exo Player - Completed event auto play when source change


i’m having problem with exoplayer completed block.
When a audio reach end, if i change the source for that exoplayer it start the audio from the new source.
I’ve tried to put a Stop when audio completed, but the state of the player when ir reach the end is’nt playing o stoped.

I’ve tried use tainful player, but when it complete the audio it start again for less than 1 second.

Yes, this is a bug. As soon as the ExoPlayer has been started once and the source is changed after the player has been finished, the player starts again even though ExoPlayer.IsPlaying = false is displayed. And this regardless of whether the source is set in the ExoPlayer.Completed event or using a timer or manually.

That is also true. You have to fade-out the TaifunPlayer at the end to avoid that or use the Player component. Incidentally, the problem in the end does not arise when looping (except for a few special China device models). For more details on this topic, search the forum and you will find my statements on it.

Yes, i’ve read your topic, only open this new one cause i dont see anyone else mention this same bug after source changem

I’ll try the native player component but if i remember, it not accept .aac audio files.

Hope this bug can be fixed in a next update.

Thanks for the answer.


It does, but you can’t select it / them in the Designer (for whatever reason). :upside_down_face:


Exactly, but its better define the source in the app initiate if it resolves my problem with audio complete.
Thank you so much @bodymindpower

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