ExoPlayer issues - ExoPlayer.Stop does not work on Screen.Initialize

Apparently it is not possible to stop the ExoPlayer on Screen.Initialize.

You need a timer for this.

In addition, ExoPlayer.play (play button) is only triggered on every second attempt after clicking the stop button. And the sound (creek_3s.ogg, 3 sec) never stops until the stop button is pressed, regardless of whether the sound is looped or not.

exoplayer_test.aia (51.2 KB)

There is no need to create a duplicate topic.
We already now the loop bug which is fixed in next major release

ok, but I was mainly concerned with exoPlayer.stop on Screen.Initialize, which does not work.

… and by the way, if in my test app the switch for loop is set to off, the sound will not be lopped, but the sound will be restarted at the end. The difference to the loop is that it is not played gapless / seamlessly. The loop is seamless. So it is not a looping issue in my case.

To be more precise:

  1. If I loop a loop-able sound with the ExoPlayer, it will play seamlessly (without gaps).
  2. If I play a loop-able sound with the ExoPlayer (ExoPlayer.Loop = false), the sound will play infinitely, but will not be looped (there will be a short gap at each repetition).

Ok, the second point will be fixed with the next release.

But what about the questions:

  1. why ExoPlayer is always playing at Screen.Initialize and
  2. why ExoPlayer.Stop does not work on Screen.Initialize. It can only be stopped by a timer (for whatever reason).

Should too be fixed in next release


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