Export screen - .ais - but assets are not exported together

Hi, I am not sure if I label it as a bug or as “I want”.
Anyway, I figured out today that when I use the option to export screen the assets used in that screen are not exported / saved in the .ais file.

I think those files must be saved at the .ais file because it makes a lot easier sharing projects, specially projects with a lot of media or others files.
If it is technically complicated to export only the files used in a screen we could be asked if we want to export all the media on the project to the .ais file

may be I am wrong but I think .ais files cannot store media and again upload to assets folder when you import the ais file as assets folder is common for all screens

I exported and then imported a .ais file here and no media was exported / imported.
If all the media was being imported / exported that would be good enough.

yeah but i think you didn’t get my point:sweat_smile:

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Probably not. Explain again pls

if ais are to be exported with media than how will you choose which file to export because the assets folder is same for every screen (it is like global variable)

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