ExtendedDownloader Extension

Can you add Progress ? Also add custom notification means built-in notification

What progress?

:exploding_head:This extension is for downloading things and adding notification system won’t be a good idea as this is extension for downloading
I would more likely prefer to make another extension for it but Rather than it you can use any notification Extension


Exactly. An extension focused on the main objective. :+1:

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What progress?
Like Kodular Default Download component have progress means %. downloading percentage

The total size and current downloaded size is given,So if you know about a subject called “Mathmatics” there is a topic in it for percentage :hugs:
If you forgot then here is the formula

Your maths teacher to you -


I Know about this but it’s better to add built-in percentage functionality

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Haha, don’t take the joke seriously . i was just kidding

It actually just 2-3 small blocks :worried:

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Yes great, but files are always downloaded to the Download (default) folder:


Why can’t this path be set? So please adjust that the download path can be set flexibly:


e.g. download to app-specific directory (ASD) which doesn’t need WRITE permission:


Like I did with my InstallAPK exension:

And as @Maayur already asked, why is RECORD_AUDIO permission requested.

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Can you show your blocks?

Don’t worry,I am not stealing any data​:rofl:
As @nikzdreamer2001 said he made it and mistakenly added it,you can check the aia

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Which blocks?
Everything is explained precisely in my last post. Give the option to download / save in any folder of the external storage.

See also here:

There is property for it​:roll_eyes:

Ah, I didn’t notice that, because I would have expected that then there is also a block for it.
But if you want to change this path (for whatever reason in any procedure) there no possibility.
So please add this block.

There is also a property block for it
Use it before using config blocks

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Ok thanks, this works (without WRITE permission):

Btw, no idea why I missed the block. :man_shrugging:


this is not working i tried it and can you please add build in or tell with blocks i really need it and there is no cancel option and also when file successfully downloaded and i remove file from my phone and again open my app and download same file it do not download file again i use label for it in .FileDownloadStatusComeplete and its showing like file already downloaded thats mean its do not download file again

Yes, there is a bug. @Atom_Developer
Download is only working for the first time. After deleting the file, a new download is no longer carried out. To enable this, the app must be uninstalled beforehand or the data (in app settings) deleted.


Thanks for reporting,I will look into it

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Sorry for getting delayed
Actually I don’t like to work on any other extension if I am already working on a extension,So now I am free and maybe today I will release it’s update to fix it


Is this open source? I need you permission to redistribute.

Nope,just free to use.

What do you mean?