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Hey kodular developers and extension developers. I am working on a dream project but i am having a problem with layouts. I have used layouts as screen. But there is a problem that when we click on 1 button it works and visible to that layout n but when we click two buttons at a time it makes visible to both layouts at a same time and it is not looking correct. So i want an extension that will create an option that a user can only click one finger at a time. If you can please help me.

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May be you can toggle the visibility of the layouts on button click event.
Being a little more clear with your query will help us to provide you with better solution.


I just want to know about extension or component that will make an option to click only with one finger at a time not two finger not two clicks. This can help others developers to make professional app.

You do understand, that what you’re asking is not possible? How ever many fingers touch the device will most likely be detected.

Yah but i just want to know that because i am facing a problem in my app that i can click 2+ buttons at a time.

You can add clock to wait user a while, so user won’t press 2 buttons at the same time.


You don’t need a new extension for this.
Just use clock component. When user click any button, others buttons will be disable or click will do nothing during the next 1 second for example.
It will solve your problem.

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Yah i can use clock but i think that use of more clock can crash my app but i just only want this extra feature. Thanks for respond.

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Why do you think that?
I use clocks in almost all of my apps, never had problems.

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I also use clock but i am said that if you use to much clock then in this case your app can crash sometimes. Not sure!

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