[EXTENSION] [FREE] Email SMTP extension [Version 3.0]

(Souvik Bera) #1

This Extension Allows You to Send Email Programatically with attachment. [Version 3]

P.S - Can only send assets from online storage.Soon I will enable local storage feature also.

Note- If you are using Gmail and don’t know about host and port you can let it blank.

Steps To Configure Your Google Account
1.Go to account.google.com >> security.
2.Turn off 2 Step verification.
3.Turn on the less secure app access.

in.techybro.email.smtp.aix (8.5 KB)

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(SunnyTheDeveloper) #2

Very useful extension.
Thanks @Souvik_Bera for this extension.

(Souvik Bera) #3

@vknow360 glad you liked it:slightly_smiling_face:

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(Nikhil27B YT) #4

Good extension @Souvik_Bera

(Souvik Bera) #5

@nikhilbobade27 Thanks !!

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(Pme) #6

Thanks for extension but unable understand why you limited it?
Did you plan sell paid version of this extension?

(Souvik Bera) #7

No there is already a extension made by @Taifun which is paid. making a photocopy of that paid extension is not good.

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(Pme) #8

No problem with it if you use own code. I hope you will release full function mail extension

(ONT Studios) #9

But why do we need to turn off the 2-Step Verification?

(Souvik Bera) #10

Use this extension without turning that off. If it works thats good.

(ONT Studios) #11

Okay! Bye.

(Souvik Bera) #12

@Ali_Aydin Ok I will release the next version soon

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(:)) #13

Such replies makes no sense

(Admire Developers) #14

Yes seems rude

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(Souvik Bera) #15

The new version is out

@vknow360 @nikhilbobade27 and @David
Can you guys test the V3.0 and let me know if it is working or not

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #16

It is not working.
Shows response code 200 and response ‘Something went wrong’

(Souvik Bera) #17

Then something wrong with your Account configuration.
Follow those two step I mentioned

then. If you receive any email regarding security then just allow it.

Hope it will solve your issue.

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #18

Is it compulsory to give account access?
I mean if anyone publishes app on Play Store then Google can remove it because it needs account access outside app( via email ).
However if it asks for permission inside app then it will be great something like OAuth or something like that.

(Muhammad Usman) #19

Useless Extension
It’s Not Working On Other Builders
I Follow Your Steps But It Gives A Error

(Souvik Bera) #20



I dont think google will have any problem with it.And the extension is not taking full access of your account. So feel free to use it.