Extension IDE (Code Editor) login not possible

Hello everyone,

can someone log into the Code editor / Extension IDE ? It doesn’t work for me.
I had an account with Appybuilder and would now like to switch to Kodular.

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Kodular IDE is currently not working.
You have to wait until official announcment by staff.

Kodular ide is down.
Use appybuilder.
Search on Community first

This is what @cnongs has posted:

I think he/she is already using Code Editor.

Thanks for the answers.
On AppyBuilder, the code editor is also not running. I did not realize that it is the same.
I think, this is related to the shutdown of Appybuilder, I hope tehy setup it again. Ok, then I have to wait.

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Yeah i also face same problem

I also checked, it’s saying Invalid Username or Password.

It’s back up now after a major Crash.
More information to follow…

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Now is it possible again :slight_smile:


And I lost my recent project… :slightly_frowning_face: