Extension named 'Hosts'

So in one of my projects i have an extension thats called ‘hosts’ but i no longer have the aix file on my computer, does anyone know where i can download it. Some blocks in the extension are in this screenshot: Capture — imgbb.com Or is there a way to move an extension from one project to the other?

i think builtin components can do that all things now, like Device Utilities

The main one i need is CarrierName, know any extension that has that?

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here is your extension,

similar extension, but i think their links are broken so you have to ask them to give a fresh link for extension,

You can use @Taifun’s Telephony Manager extension and this block does what you need:

Here you go:
App Inventor Extensions: Telephony Manager | Pura Vida Apps


The link is broken, however in a just a few week or months, there will be a better one.

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Thank you :smiley:

Cant wait :joy:

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