[Extension] Social Media Tools Extension

(Souvik Bera) #1

This extension helps you to open pages/profiles of within the specific apps.

To avoid exeptions check whether the app is installed not not

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[Update][Extension] Update For Social Media Tools Extension
Open Whatsapp when click in a button
(Eithical Hacker) #2

Can you please share some more information?:smiley:

(Souvik Bera) #3

By this extension you can open a page/profile within the app. Ex - open a facebook page within the facebook app

(Nikhil27B YT) #4

Good extension you don’t need activity starter now

(Eithical Hacker) #5

Ok great! I will use this extension in my app.
Thank you very much :blush:

(Souvik Bera) #6

Glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

(DjJohn) #7

Now the lengthy activity starter blocks are gone
Thank you @Souvik_Bera
Keep up the good work
[I haven’t checked it yet… I’ll check it and give feedback to you ]

(Souvik Bera) #8

I’m happy you liked it :slight_smile:

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(Cian) #9

I agree. This is very handy to create a valid version checker. If not good version, open this.

Nice @Souvik_Bera . Two :+1::+1:

(Cian) #10

If you added a way to get the CurrentPackageName, it will make a SimpleFunction and return the value of the current package name, that would be SUPER cool and easy.

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(Philipp Lang) #11

Nice extension, but can you explain us more about the block open appinplaystore, whoch package name i have to use. Can i open all package names which are installed on my phone? and the block opens the app than in play store or how does it work?
And another question, if i use facebook block, and i put in a profile or a group and i have facebook installed as app on my phone, do i see the profile/group on the facebppk app or`? and what will happen if i have fb not on my phone ? Do i ee the profile than in a web view or how will this work?
And i want to know if it is enough to put in the twitter block only a @username or do i have to use the whole username with the http:…
Thank you

(Souvik Bera) #12


You can use any package name

Yes. Even if it not installed in your phone

It will open within the facebook app

You have to be sure first that the user has the facebook installed.As there in no Error event

There is not any twitter block. But Ican add it if you want

(Philipp Lang) #13

thanks for your answer, nice now i understand it better. and for twitter yes this would be nice bc i have more things on twitter as on facebppk or ansta. i thought twitter is also there, sorry. but aas i said if you can addd it, it would make your extension a bit better for me and other people, who want to use twitter. Thank you for your nice extension!

(DjJohn) #14

Please make this function…
Open facebook page…
if fb app installed then open on fb else open on webviewer
And for telegram also…
If telegram installed then open on app else open telegram play store page
For instagram also :wink:
It would be great

(Souvik Bera) #15

Thanks.I will add it by tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Souvik Bera) #16

Thanks for your feed back.I will add it too:slightly_smiling_face:

(Philipp Lang) #17

Is it possible to add a feature where you can send direct a msg into facebook or twitter or insta or so. and maybe with an image like an screen shot. I mean the user click a button and his facebook app will open and with the actual screenshot and you need only to type in a text and click on send.
The same for twitter: The user click on a button and the twitter app will open and you have only push the send button and you can send direct the screen shot of your app.
With or without a text like you want.
We have a extension to send direct a msg but there is now way to send a screenshot or a aother image direct to the facebook app or twitter or so. Only a general share button where the user have to choose whith which app he wantsto send it and thats not that what a user want.

(Souvik Bera) #18

Yeah. Its possible

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the tools extension offers a method for that

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(MeteorCoder) #20

Some suggestions:


OpenFacebookProfile(String url)
OpenInstagramProfile(String username)
OpenSnapchat(String username)
OpenTelegramProfile(String username)


AfterApplicationOpened(String name) < Here you would state the application name, or package name that has started after a method has been executed.


This will reduce the code needed to process what will happen once an application has been opened. This also fixes issues where some words appear to be separate to others, and aren’t meant to be that way in English. On Snapchat there is no such thing as “SnapchatID”, but there is something called “Snapcode” which provides you with a QR code encoded as the others username. While there are a few minor mistakes and won’t take long to correct them, I wish you the best of luck with this extension! Something you can do, is have your users have you do the exception checking. This went for me when I had them ask their users for permission access, although I was one who was in control of that part, so I added permissions seamlessly to my extension. Definitely ask for help here, as you won’t get it right the first time, remember that nothing is perfect. To make this experience better for your user, you can create a piece of code behind the screen using the Package Manager from Androids own documentation, which allows to check if a package is installed, that way your users can create more apps, with less blocks.

I hope this helps!

Sincerely, Nathan.