Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

Thank you very much
Edit: Btw, is the exist block able to check whether a folder exist?

What’s the point of asking a question that you can answer yourself in 2 seconds by trying it out? :upside_down_face:

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i want to extract file nme from url how do that?

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i want to open file after download completed but crashed please help me

I am suing this extension and I real like it.

But I am lacking two features on this aix 1. Stop Download Or Pause and 2. cancel download kindly can you add this feature to your extension it will be powerful than ever no one made custom Downloader


I don’t real know what is wrong with my blocks but the app crushes when it starts to download

My point is that when download completed I want then to move the file into my directory named Download/ViDrop and delete the file from ASD

Sorry can someone help me know where I am not right.

Try /Download/... as toFileName, see also the documentation

I have tried but nothing works

and sorry @Taifun does Taifun file need special permission in order to move the File, which Google don’t want such as MANAGE_EXTENAL_STORAGE

See if this is the case

Which Android version are you testing on?

Thank you for your response @bodymindpower

currently I am using Android 9 but I since I don’t have many devices I would kindly ask to know which blocks can work for all Android Versions

I will real appreciate

Ok, then you must ask for WRITE permission manually, as mentioned by @Anu10.

See also here:

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sure I just wanted to know if Move File & Delete do need that permission also should I use TaifunFile or which Extension

Move to Shared folder /Download needs WRITE permission on Android < 11, but delete a file from ASD of course not.

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But what does that matter since you have to request WRITE on Android < 11 anyway.

Good and if I move the file will I need to declare Delete file path again or it will be moved permanently and the ASD will be empty?

Yes, but what about trying …

sure I am trying but I don’t have Android 11 so I want to know which method can I use so that all version will work without error