Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

Tried to add permission and it is ok granted but the app not downloading

This is what I get

We all know that. What do you want to tell - whoever - by posting my post now a third time?

I am sorry I just need to know how I can use this aix to download the video to all devices and forget about move file only I need to use it in a simple and smooth way

well, it does not download, because you have to call the getDownload procedure again after the user granted the permission
btw. also the FileListAsync method works better with a correct path…


Yes I have tried this way to call FileListAsync and I found it is working perfect

But the question I have remained with is about this block
is it necessary to call this block in every time I want to download the file?

taken from here Some basics on Android storage system

Note: The ASD seems always automatically be created by Kodular (not with AI2).
The path of the ASD is:



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Thank you @Taifun then I see there is no need for me to call that block since I use kodular

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But it is completely irrelevant whether this block is used or not, because it will only be executed if the directory does not already exist.

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For sure thanks @bodymindpower I then came to realize that I have to call it every time I want to download the video else video will not download

How can I prevent things I’ve downloaded from being shown in the downloads section of my phone?

if you download to ASD “things” do not show up in the gallery…
it looks like you download to somehwere else…
what about elaborating what exactly you are doing including providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?
if you download to shared storage just use subdirectory, which starts with a dot or start the image name with a dot… ./myhiddenfolder or .myhiddenimage.jpg


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Thank you for your response but it’s not gallery, it is download shortcut and this happen on android 9 and below.

Store.aia (685.9 KB)

is this a default app on the device?
sorry, I do not have time to look into your aia file…


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Yes, all devices with Android 9 and below have it.


what happens, if you follow my advice? (now posted the third time…)


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Still the same problem!

Anyway i change my mind and use another method.

Thank you very much for your time dear Taifun​:tulip:

How Can I hide Download Notification in the latest version ? @bodymindpower

Hi @bodymindpower i really appreciated your aix and thanks advance, i would have asked a request? can you add another feature like “Raise when download error” while downloading it. Hope this message cathes you. Thanks.

please send aia file
i am using asd extension like 4 days i have not got any proper result

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