Extensions Request/Suggestion

I would like suggest extension developers to make following extensions:

1.WebRTC extension which helps to live stream audio or video to develop useful apps.
2.Firebase analytics. (And any other firebase features)
3.An extension that converts time to like 1 hour ago, 1 month ago etc.
4.An extension to control electronics in home (Connected to wifi)
5.UPI Payment extension (deephost extension features + Know UPI app used to make payment).
6.Youtube API use authentication (OAuth), so user can like or comment on video.
7.Some APIs require user to post text or authenticate user, I can’t find a way to do this in Kodular.
8.Vertical View Pager like TikTok App.

I suggest more if I get any Ideas
Thank You…
Anyone, if you have any ideas, please share


For that you can use the “Clock” component

I think this would be possible using WebView and some script

Use the Web Component

Sorry if I’m wrong, but I think DeepHost created such an extension


Vertical View Pager: We can add element/layout to view pager
Deephost extension: We can not customize
1.Creating Vertical View Pager Extension
2.Kodular View Pager Component should have option to select Vertical/Horizontal

I requested to add this and @pavi2410 said he will. so it is coming to kodular!
my reply is just to give update on this vertical view pager. :innocent:


I wrote code and suddenly dropped it, any dev can use its code

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Available in Deep host

This is a little bit hard to integrate but it’s easy. first you must have a website with a top level domain and ssl certificate. and after that you need to perform an HTTP GET request using the URL property and retrieves the response. The URL is


i can’t tell you every thing here because it’s a long process. i’ll publish a guide on it soon :slightly_smiling_face: