Extra Card Appear in screen without creating it

I am creating a dynamic app using dynamic components. I give two content for shown in the card as you can see in airtable screenshot. When I am testing the app, I saw an extra two cards blank just below index 1 and they also for index 1. Thay gave the same response as index 1. If it is a bug or it is my mistake, please review it.

Android version

Android 9.0

The error message you get is because you have some empty list.
To find out which one is empty, put a label on it and go through each list to see if you get values or if it’s empty…

Try reversing the procedures…

In a project I first initialize the screen with all the CardView.AddComponent, and then all the “Create” (Dinamic CardView. Create card view / Dinamic CardView. Create label , etc )

this suggestion not work, any other suggestion then gives me, please. Can you check the dynamic content by create it.

These should be run after you have received all the data

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No changes in the screen. That still shows the same.

My problem solved, thank you. you said that change the switch.

Never said anything about switch variable but if you look closely at the poor drawn image and the text I wrote, those two blocks should have been placed where the arrow is pointing

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Oo Sorry, That my mistake

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