Extract grid view from appybuilder

Appybuilder is open source and this feature is very much needed

Is it possible or not?

Only the offline “Personal” edition, to be precise. Their flagship “Gold” edition is closed source.

It is quite possibly possible.

No the gold version is available under a gpl3 license.

I stand corrected, then! Last I checked, I could not find the Gold edition’s source code.

this have grid viwe

I tried to create extension using that but failed it showed me several error

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Many modifications are necessary because they are visible content

It may be difficult

their are several extensions which are visible

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Extensions Can Never Be A Visible Component. There are some Ways in which The View Can be added to the App but Adding a Mock with Extension is Not Possible at the Moment


@uiuix is right an extension cant be a visible component. But it can add views like images, buttons dynamically.

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oh! my bad:sweat_smile:
Actually, I thought that because when I started with listViews I went through ColinTreeListView extensions and components at the same time and thought that I dragged extension to the viewer, which was actually component
Thanks for correcting me guys

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Thank you for your response

Maybe this feature is going to happen revolution