Extract text from xml?

I want to extract formated from xml structure. Please guide me!
Here’s xml!

These are my blocks –

But its not working!!

Try to use formatted instead of <formatted>

Thanks @yusufcihan I tried that too!!

Maybe you can use “text starts” block for getting position of Then you can use segment block for extracting date/clock part.

Sorry, I’m not at home now. So I can’t show you blocks.

Thank you, but i didn’t understand can you send me blocks later on.

Yes, sure. I can send blocks later.

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Thank you @Ka_Fa but i want a universal time for all my users and I didn’t understand how can i use that site.

It would be helpfull if you could just help me with extracting time from this xml.

attach aia file, i’ll try to help

You can use the example… It is the same with the xml.
Start: <formatted>
End: </formatted>

You must add the current date to the start string with a join block

I hope you understood me, otherwise I can show a screenshot a few hours later…


This should be work.


Thank you @Ka_Fa that worked :hugs:

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