[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.0

I saw this today. Is this a Blockly glitch or something in your extension blocks?

That looks like a bug with blockly. Could you please open a new topic with more info so we can take a look?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope (yet). App Inventor decided to only add a Getter for HTML Format property, but if you call the property manually (which is coming to next release) you can actually change HTML Format and other properties which only can be edited in Designer :wink:

Just give me some time for next release :slight_smile:

ok thanks we await the next version

can we use custom font style for dynamic label

If you can do that normally for Labels, then yes. :slight_smile:

Sorry, It disappeared and can’t reproduce it now.

Wow I feel that with this extension I would be working on flutter. Goodbye component overload, hello instantiators! Well done. :grinning:

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Test :
A search of the database returning several lines. And I will try to put these values ​​inside the .text property. Then edit these values ​​and save them in the database.
Error :

Blocks :
This code block is inside a loop for each item in list.
error name 2

componentName should be TextBox, not TEXT BOX

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It was like a ‘textbox’. So I switched to ‘text box’. And the error continues.

Note that the name is case-sensitive.
textbox won’t work. Use TextBox


Also, I suggest you increment acont after you’ve set the text. Else the extension will crash as it tries to fetch a component on an invalid index

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Thanks !!!

By the way, you don’t need to have a variable for ID, you can use Last Used ID block and increment with 1.


@yusufcihan , Congratulations for the great work !!!
I’ve already managed to bring the result from the database. Now I’m thinking about how to read all the text properties of those components that were created and return them to the PHP script and write to MYSQL.

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We could create a public list to correctly call the components.

The extension developer has already listed a method to find out internal component names


I don’t think this is a good idea, because available component list is different according to different builders, and because of that this extension also allows builder-special components, it would be bad to create a static list.

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I found a strange behaviour when it comes to sprites: in this .aia included they are not removed at all from screen or memory. Is it my fault?prova.aia (20,0 KB)