[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.1

it was the only way I found to send the data to another screen

When send the screen receive ID of item list

When you are getting this error? I created linear progress bar successfully using these :point_down: blocks

blocks (54)

Also @WatermelonIce No need to use so much blocks :point_down: , just to know the name of a component

In the block editor, just drag and drop the last block of the component whose name you want to know and perform Do it on that. You will get something like this :point_down: containing the component name


@Thiago I don’t know what exact your requirements are. But I think, since you have the Open another screen block under the for loop, it’s obvious that it will open the screen, the number of times the for loop will be executed


I didn’t know that before :sweat_smile:

For your error, it seems that you type the whole com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.MakeroidLinearProgressbar
Only type MakeroidLinearProgressbar in the component part.

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here’s the solution to a 90% doubt of those using the extension … perform a action when clicking

A exemple


I would use the name as the ID, so just put GetID in the start value
For me, the ID will always be unique

using these blocks I was able to reach a satisfactory result, each list ID was defined as unique (Using 1 “DinamycComponent” for each item in the layout)

A example

How do I know that it is a dynamic and not real
blocks (5)

Try this
blocks (2)
Or change the “-1” to number “-1”

Edit: I tested just now, but I found that it returns an empty string instead of “-1”

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My bad, I fixed the block description for next release.


He has already show all blocks in the procedure, what do you expect?

If he didn’t call procedure, then the error won’t occur


You should do it, the photo shows the full block of procedure block (tap in the photo and download it, look carefully, the photo is height is 10889 pixels.)

I don’t know if it is

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These are my full blocks

I am getting hs result

can i make same to same this picture…

i need it fully dynamic.
i want to post from firebase like this.

wdym? You can always do it. Just use Card view, or different arrangment.

Please give me the solution I am not understanding what would I do

You can’t use the same ID to every component.

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@yusufcihan, I need your help please.
Why is this not working? I tried everything I can think of already.
The component is a ball. Is created successfully.

Try removing spaces from X

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There’s no spaces.