[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

I don’t understand. You want to say it is not worked by using firebase

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Store taglist in a global variable when got taglist. And compare it before calling foreach loop

If length of taglist variable = length of Title variable
Call for each loop

Put this blocks on top in the event got value




how to create card view component

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Read the past posts you will know your answer :slightly_smiling_face::


Now show this

Can you show your current blocks?

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Can you try again with typing “MakeroidCardView” in the componentName parameter?

Can you give pic

please tell me why it is showed

in Component Name of Create Block

Place a text block and in that write “MakeroidCardView”

Solve this

Look create block !!!

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Try one thing change your id system.
Make it like this -
Here a variable is used to set id’s.

I am not able to set Font Bold property while creating Label using Dynamic component. I have tested using .Schema method also. But unable to do that.

I know that the Bold property is only available in Designer (not in blocks) of Lebel. But still I need that. Kindly suggest me a process.

Hi @nirmalya_lahiri , welcome to the community,
Can you show your blocks?

“name”: “Font Template”,
“metadata-version”: 1,
“author”: “Nirmalya”,
“platforms”: [
“keys”: [
“components”: [
“id”: “Label_{obj_id}”,
“type”: “Label”,
“properties”: {
“Text” : “Nir”,
“Font Bold”: true

That’s was the main reason why I added SetProperty and GetProperty blocks. It basically allows you to set/get properties even for Designer Only properties.

Can you try FontBold without spaces? And you don’t need to use Schema for that. You can try it on SetProperty block.

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