[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Yes, all components are supported.

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can i use it in the web viewer to fit the website with the app screen?

This extension is not worked with dynamic card view . You used the dynamic arrangement in card view so it’s not possible . I also try to add dynamic card view in dynamic arrangement buts it’s show me error

I am created one dynamic button with this extantion…
So now how can i add process blockes when button was clicked…
There is no block like when DYNAMIC COMPONENT CLICKED…

Use Any Component generic events. Like when any Button is clicked. Because not all components have a Click event, so I didn’t added any events.

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Please use “MakeroidCardView” in the name. It is already said once in every 10 posts, and it is annoying to repeat that every time.


I think this post goes to long any user have problem continue to this topic.
If any problem starts new topic then its easy to search and find solution

Hello, @yusufcihan Need a little bit help

I created a Horizontal arrangement and got the list of all its designer properties with the GetDesignerProperties block.
From that list of properties, I tried to set the set the BackgroundColor property as :point_down:

But unfortunately I am getting the Runtime error as below

I also tried to set the propertyvalue by passing make color block as parameter but in vain.
Please let me know where I am going wrong

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Set Property block only works for boolean values at the moment, I’m trying to support all types as soon as possible, meanwhile continue using “Any Component” blocks.

I also said that when I added this block:

Oh! My bad… I will see what I can do… Thanks :slight_smile:

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Annotation 2020-04-16 015949
thats all dynamic card with imege …lebel created by this extention but after create i want to delete all by click an button…But its dont delete show an error!

I must have fixed that in latest version, please update it from first post.

I don’t find latest version can you please give me the link ?

Did you look in the first post?


Nopp, it’s still broken


Btw, can we also have another block of all used id’s



use this soloution to delet all componentdelet

its worked


check my reply

Thanks you so much… it’s working…