[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Is it possible to send an AIA with these blocks to me privately? If there is an error in extension I want to fix it as soon as possible.


It’s not an error I think. I call error because I thought I can create multiple same component in one “for”. Anyway I’ll send you the AIA. Thanks!

I will try, thanks.


I checked the AIA and found two things,

  1. In the AIA you sent me (which blocks was different) you are creating 2 dynamic components with same ID.

  2. You are loading an URL for Image property. This causes the app to hang for a while. (And may cause to components not work properly during this time.) Use Async Image Utils component to load online images.

  1. Yes, I fixed using @Italo idea (thanks!).
  2. OMG. I didn’t know that exist. Load faster now, thanks for the feedback!

Beautiful >.<


Again, @yusufcihan with another great extension.


Looks like Kodular added their components in the same package name as in App Inventor. (Kodular staff might need to confirm it) So I don’t need to update the extension for supporting Kodular specific components!

I don’t have a full available component names for Kodular components (because I don’t know their internal names), so looks like you will need to find out which will work. :sweat_smile:

For example to create a CardView dynamically with this extension, use MakeroidCardView name in the componentName parameter.


I guess you can find the name by dragging the component block for instance
List_View1 and do a do it on it.

It is always the latest block in the menu.

You get a text like
Do It Result: [email protected]

You can see that you will need to use the part that contains ListView when using this extension.

Do It Result: [email protected]

you need to use WebViewer with this extension.


Oh I never thought about learning internal names like this. :sweat_smile: Thanks :grin:


How about you add the text blocks already populated with the components names? Is that possible?


That’s a good idea. I think it’s possible


It should be possible but there are a lot of components which I can’t count. Because it also allows to create hidden components of App Inventor. :sweat_smile: Like, a Form (Screen), and a Sprite (which is base class of ImageSprite).

But I think I can add a block called AvailableComponentNames. And it can return a list.

As a workaround, you can see a list of components / classes of App Inventor here:


Just one question, how do we check for the correct component name?


Tried to add a vertical arrangement but failed

Blocks view


Vertical arrangement’s internal name is “VerticalArrangement” make sure you didn’t add a space at the end of the text block.


There are no spaces (Checked multiple times)


Let me check what’s going wrong when I come back to home. Meanwhile, can you create a simple project with reproduces this bug and send an AIA to me?

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I want to thank you again! This extension has made my job so much easier. I work for a small company with a fleet of trucks. Every driver has a truck check form to fill out at the beginning of the day as well as a few other forms to fill out and I had to manually add and remove a TON of radio buttons and checkboxes because I couldn’t do it dynamically. I now have the main truck check form dynamically generating based on a list of questions that can be easily edited and changed if needed. This is a game-changer and you are one of my new favorite people.


Maybe you can show how you did it so others can learn from your example?


Will do.

First I created a variable for the ID that I can increment by 1 each time.
Then I created a procedure to create a new radio button and format it.

After that I created another procedure to create a horizontal layout with a label and 2 radio buttons. I also made one with three as well, but the one with two will show what I did.

The procedure also stores the IDs for the labels, “pass” radio buttons, and the “fail” radio buttons in lists so I can then Link them in a When Any Radio Button .Changed block and change the color of the label so that the user knows that it’s been answered.

Oh, and I then just ran the Pas Fail Question procedure in a for each item in a list block.
blocks (3)
I have several sections with their own questions with a total of about 35 questions added dynamically. I also put them into an empty vertical arrangement that is centered on another layout for the section.

The only issue I ran across was figuring out the component name for the radio buttons. I tried RadioButton at first (CheckBox is correct), but found that it’s all one word without the camelcase.


I’m trying to create sprites but I can’t figure out why is not accepting the parameters.
Can you help please?