[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Remove the space from there. Type “HTMLFormat” instead of “HTML Format”.


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I have this problem in android 6.1

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Please check this post about that error.


is it necessary to use that font?

throws me this mistake but I don’t need that resource.

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I see now the commits waiting for merge in github with the fix for error above, thanks!


error on android < 7

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Yes this working Yusuf thanks so much , but i m test ini emulator Android 5 not working to strike

You should use Any Component blocks for now if you want to use custom font.

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but I don’t use custom font, but nevertheless it throws me that error, that’s why I ask if it is necessary to use that block even if I don’t use custom font.

thank goodness if you already know I will wait from you friend

I’ll wait for the next update, hopefully it will be fixed, thanks.

Can you show which error?

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Dear yusuf,

Today i came across your extension. I am waiting for this type of extension from a long time. Excellent, you have made a great extension !

I tested it in MIT APP Inventor.
I placed a button with name Button1 and tried to set its Text property during runtime.
But, it is giving an error :

Please go through this and help me in this regard.

Thank you.

Hema Srinivas
@Automate My Project


That’s because you have created a button using dynamic components and you are using button1 block… Use get component by ID instead of button1 block or use get component by name blocks in the dynamic components extension

when you will release the extension version 1.3 I can not wait to use it :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Its how i detect my buttons click, can be inproved to better filter

Hope you understand what the problem is !

Yes i u understood but if u place the block of button1 and expect that it is going to get the dynamic component then you are wrong what it actually will do is it will get the actual button1 component which u have placed in your screen so instead change it to get component in the extension block