[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

what this error means, should i need to show my blocks?

You need to pass a component but I think so you are doing something else maybe a I’d DFloNum

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what is this mean?

Read the error

i have already, but how can i sove it?

my blocks

While setting property is a button somewhere you are not giving correct block in place of component. Check it.

What is the value of global btn, btn1 and btn2?


I thinks so there you must use get components from id
how can a component be a variable

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which value? you mean id?

Do this :point_up_2:

No, its not the correct one, in that block i cant join it

Are you using latest version of extension ?

What do you mean by cannot join it?

But, thats what i did

Instead of direct using the id use the get component block, it will work.

You are giving it id but it needs component there.

That’s what i am using :sob:

Do it here :point_down:


Thanks :smile:

Hello everyone
I just checked that the error was coming because the IDs which were used previously were not removed and it was creating new components with the same ID again. I simply used a loop to remove all the used IDs and it is now working perfectly.

If anyone else here is facing the same issue, make sure you clear all the used IDs before creating a new component OR give an ID which you never used before.

Thank you so much @yusufcihan for this amazing extension!