[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

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Hello everyone
I just checked that the error was coming because the IDs which were used previously were not removed and it was creating new components with the same ID again. I simply used a loop to remove all the used IDs and it is now working perfectly.

If anyone else here is facing the same issue, make sure you clear all the used IDs before creating a new component OR give an ID which you never used before.

Thank you so much @yusufcihan for this amazing extension!


@yusufcihan i have an idea
It would be great if you can add a block to copy our custom design
Mean if we want to create a list like this

Then we should create one element in design part like this (not in block part with any component blocks)

Then there should be a block of this extension that copy design of one element and we can create multiple of it by running a loop
It will become more easy even more than json format method because we just have to create a template of one elemnt as i mentioned above and for id of every component u can add automatically generated unique id’s

Please have a look into it
If anyother user also want this then uovote it
Its gonna be very unique and user friendly and the issues of lag in block part that we face due to a large number of blocks will be resolved :wink:


Good but lots of code to write. It would have been easier if it had been like a sample view.

There is a weakness. It is not possible to create a listview with it and put it in two arrangements. As I need to show the same list in the display and sidebar, then what should I do ???

Why is it not possible… You just have to make sure that you don’t use duplicate ID and that’s all… You should try before posting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have tried.
but not possible

If tried then you should post your blocks and a video what happens after using your code

This can be done but the same code has to be written twice.

What do you think? Should the app be made heavy by writing code twice ??

What have you tried? What exactly do you want to achieve?

create a listview with it and put it in two arrangements. As I need to show the same list in the display and sidebar, then what should I do ???

I hope you know procedures by know… If you do then this is the solution to your problem… If you don’t, then learn them first. They are going to save a lot of repitative code

What have you tried… Post the blocks instead of arguing


I tried. But you have to write the code twice. Is there any way without writing the code twice?
its my question

if the answer is no then what not go through any long way or short, also you shouldd post the blocks

Is there any reason to ignore these messages

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It might be a hackathon app

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