[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

its working .
but ,Should the app be made heavy by writing code twice ??


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How many times should I tell you… Use procedures and put the repitative code in there only once and where the code gets repeated use the procedure

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How? It is possible

Learn Here about Schema


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I must give you some advice, if you don’t mind.

I have seen many times that you never listen to other users and always stay at your point. You must atleast try what they are saying, they are also trying to help you :blush:


of course why not

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How many matches you are making at a time.

Update your extension and try schema. I never tried it but does it reduces time of loading @yusufcihan

Hi, can anyone explain me Schema… I didn’t understand that

Please explain me schema I dont know anything about it

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I am making 14

Read this to understand it.

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14 Matches at a Time.
Load 2 to 3 at Screen Initialize and Rest Slowly Afterwards. ( Recycler View )

It was not taking time before but nowaday I don’t know why it’s taking time

Hi @yusufcihan, I found a thread in the community which states that this extension causes error while uploading app in playstore so can you clarify whether it is true or not and if true then when can you fix this…

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As you can see, I already replied to the topic. Without a full report, I can’t identify what’s going on myself.

I will try some methods about that.

how to clear list?

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