[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

I know that we can get ID after its created, but I need a Event for created,
For Eg : I want to animate that component when its created.
So we should wait for Yusuf’s reply before doing a discussion.


@themaayur do u want to create this??

I just created it with simple logics
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Ok i got your point but just check whether this what u wanna create or not?

  • Should i create a guide on how to create an animated list
  • No, No need

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Example is here

Yes I can add, but I don’t think it would be useful as the extension is synchronous instead of asynchronous. So firstly I need to make the extension to work asynchronously.

Because when you add other blocks below the Create block, they won’t be executed until Create block finishes creating the component.

Yes, this may sound terrible, but synchronous tasks have their own benefits anyway. But I can try to add an optional property to work asynchronously or not.

Here is an image to learn about synchronous and asynchronous.


Yes, I need this.

Yes, It will be better.

Suppose I have set some properties after the create block, then what will happen in that case.

Will the event trigger after the properties have been applied or before ?

Let’s suppose I made this extension work asynchronous and added a when ComponentCreated event, so;

Also, I don’t see any reason to make this extension asynchronously, because components are already created in milliseconds. (Well, a lot of components, means a lot of time) It doesn’t take a lot of time unlike how Web component takes time while sending and receiving data.

Another example with TaifunFile extension


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I think the main reason for @themaayur is he wants to get the ID after he created the component. But I don’t know why he needs that too.

Then I can change the socket type of Create block, so Create block can return the value, BUT it will be an important decision, as people will need to change the blocks to new ones.

Maybe add a new block just for that (I don’t anything about aix/java, so don’t blame at me :sweat_smile:)

But adding the same block twice may confuse the users :thinking: As I said it will be an important decision I think, so I should not take any action without a lot of feedback :sweat_smile:

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Maybe name the new block as CreateWithReturnID or sth like that

There is a lot to do with it. Like animate it, or register something on components created ar more that depends on your usage.

So what’s do you think ?

But why you need to get the ID? Didn’t you already have that?

Or alternatively, use this block to get the last ID of component that you created previously.

component_method (1)

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I have a horizontal arrangement in which a textbox is there, I want to create a dynamic image but which side will the image create, to the right of the textbox or to the left of the textbox?

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it will be created to the right of textbox

And if I want it to be created on the left side