[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Dynamic Component
how to create…"when user click on any list view e.g…cardview4 4 means index and cardview means component names…then change cardview4 background color change…
and all componet in list were not change
please any one can help me

Hi! I’m creating imageSprites using this extension (like falling coins in a game). But the CollidedWith event doesn’t called when the dynamic elements collide with any other elements. Can you please help me to understand why this is happening?
It works when ball1 collide with regular(static) ImageSprite, but nothing happens when it collides with dynamic ImageSprite created with this extention.

Unfortunately, sprites may have issues when they dynamically generated, since they work “differently” than other visible components. I’m not actually sure how this can be fixed, and even I’m not sure when I can, since the extension is no longer in active development as it can be considered “completed” in current state. I’m still interested in fixing critical issues though, but sadly, sprites is not in my priority list at the moment.


Greetings friends, I have read many tutorials and I have not been able to solve the problem I have.
I explain as much detail as possible… I have a menu that is loaded from mysql in a dynamic carview, it works very well. I need that when pressing the images it replaces the cardview. Each image makes a query to mysql and brings the corresponding category, the problem I have is that it does not change the categories, only the first image does, the others do not… I leave an image of what I need to do, blocks… If someone can give me one help I would appreciate it I have spent days assembling and disassembling with tutorials and other aia that I saw and nothing works for me… success to all

here my blocks

thanks guys

Make sure two things…

  1. On clicking every images, Is it querying peroperly and bring out the correct result
  2. When results come after every query, Are you clearing the pre existing dynamic components…

Every time when web got result you must catch the response content in global variable which should be initialised with create empty list and also it be must be cleared

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thanks you RSG, your answer brought me the solution


1.- clear global variable
2.- remove dynamic component

this work for me… thanks

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Glad to here. But Is global index too act as list in your case? If it is used for number then it must reset or initialized with zero

I like to handle the data as it is handled with php, ajax or jquery, it seems more like and understandable to me…

That’s why here I use the id of the mysql database as a global index for the entire component, as I show in the image…

greetings and success for you friend…

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Greetings @yusufcihan, a specific question I wanted to know why this item is not deleted? to show? The problem is not with the database, it is with sampling.

Thank you with whatever you can help me… successes

If I have more than one item, they are all deleted without problems, when there is only one left, this is the one that is not deleted and remains printed on the screen, every time I press the click to delete it, it intermittently deletes and reappears, clarifying that this item was previously deleted from the database and no longer exists…

First, sorry for the late reply.

Can you also show how you are creating components?

Problem is solved… the main problem is he is not deleting properly from his PHP due to wrong I’d. No issue now

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