[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

If this is a question for me. everything is working well for me now,

Except for LongClick on Horizontal Arrangement
dynamic.aia (735.6 KB)

No positive result.
What I did:

  1. Start project from scratch.
  2. Import v. 1.2
  3. Set blocks / Connect to Companion / got error
  4. Reset connection
  5. Import v. 1.2.1 / Message: “Extension upgraded”
  6. Connect to Companion / got error (same text as previous one)
  7. Reset connection
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As you set your Horizontal Arrangement as Is Card then the long click seems to stop working (this doesn’t work either on Horizontal Arrangement it self) so there is no issue with the Dynamic extension

Btw, why not use Card View


Same error.

My OS version is Nougat 7.0, API level 24.

If you think that is a matter of OS, then don’t worry about.
I will add a TextBox component as dummy, set Visible=false, so I will have access to such blocks:


Thanks for your interest.


I will fix that for the next release, if there is something that I missed, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


OK. :smile:

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@yusufcihan I tried to make a dynamic web viewer with URL, I am not understanding your blocks can you say me how to do it. I am able to make dynamic web viewer but I don’t know how to change URL in it.
What I tried

Can you help me

Type “URL” instead of lowercase, the name parameter needs to be same as it shows in the Designer.

Or just add a static WebView to Screen and make it invisible then use Any Component blocks.

@yusufcihan One thing… please add all versions of extension in its post because sometimes we mag need an older version

I don’t recommend using an old version because older releases won’t have continued support as the new version comes out. Please try to use latest version so I can fix bugs that caused on latest version from your bug reports.

However, if you still want to get older releases, it is on my GitHub repository already. Also, GitHub releases are in sync with this topic. So when I create a post about a new version, I add to GitHub at the same time.


But i get this error

Can you correct my blocks:-
blocks (5)

As you can see in Designer it shows as “Home Url”, also you can just use like this if you don’t want to type the property name.


Hoo thanks man

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I am not able to connect blocks together

Update to the latest version by importing the new version to the Creator.

friend its not working i tried it many times, it can create dynamic web viewers but cant set a url, please check if any bugs are there, can you say me it is working for you or not.

Use Go to URL method to go a specific URL.

its not working

Can you show your current blocks which uses latest version of the extension?