[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Dear Mr Yusuf,can u add return as position like list view image and text has a return position…because ID will change after refresh…

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How can i use this extension can anyone explain me through video ?

I don’t know if anyone has created a video tutorials, but I have created a guide by this extension this may help.


Why I get this error, I thought to use your extension as there is no card view in-app inventor, Why this error?

You can only create components and extensions that exists on your builder. If there is no CardView component in AI2, then you can’t create dynamic variant of CardView.

However, you can use another builder that has more components.


Sorry, I should only use app inventor for hackathon


Hello, my friend What’s wrong here?

When you press the Card View, this message and these components appear.

Your list have only 10 items but you try to select the 20th one. Check your ID.


Hey, can you add a id like this?

It didn’t work.

You can. However this is not the extension.

I know this isn’t extension.

But this extension
And I want it to have id like the original version of kodular

That is not possible because not every component has a specific event that exists on other all components, for example, not all components have a Click event. So I can’t add a specific components events like (Click, TextChanged etc.) to the Dynamic Components extension.

So use GetId block to get the ID from the component parameter.

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Hello @yusufcihan
I want to create a horizontal list in my app and I’m using this extension.
I am having a problem, see the screenshot of the blocks:

I have only a HorizontalScrollArrangement in the designer. When this procedure is called, it shows runtime error "This ID is already used for another component, please pick another. ID needs to be unique for all components!"

So I simply changed the ID to some other number (also tried giving ID in String format), but it still shows the error. Can you tell me what wrong am I doing?

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Thanks for your reply but still same error.

blocks (28)

No matter what I give the ID, it says: This ID is already used for another component, please pick another. :man_shrugging:

Check by debugging the UsedId block.

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Please show all the related block. That should not be anything wrong in the extension

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Here they are:

In the Designer, I have added a CardView component and made it invisible