[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Yes I tried that but still same error. I had actually used this extension in one of my apps few months back but I don’t remember which app was that

Ofc there is an error, you create 15 times with the same ID.

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So even this has the same error

Is that all block?

These are all blocks as per my understanding.

Are you using latest version?

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Yes. Version 4, built on 23/06/2020

Can you send your whole AIA from DM? I re-checked my code and it only raises that error when ID is duplicate.

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How many times do you execute the procedure SetListView, if only once then there should not be any error


I think he is calling the function again and again that’s why the error is coming

Hi, if we create a table arrangement using this extension, then how can we insert items in there by specific row and column

Hello, I have retrieved values from Firebase and the procedure block is used only one time.

Well, here are all my blocks:

It always say id is already used, but I can’t figure out where it is repeating :pensive:

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Pls help me soon as possible, its a hackathon app

Do like this, I never get error by using this one

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Will try soon

Thanks it solved!!!, I dont know how by just changing the procedure :grin:, can you help me further, I trust you

Can you help me here? It’s not working for me

Unfortunately, I got the error at the end :sweat_smile: :pensive: