[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

I solved it. If you see carefully i am using values such as 0.1, there are more than 10 values so it made the error, the solution is start the 2nd component id from like 70 or 100 and it will be solved :grinning:

Can you show your blocks if it is solved?

why not show your blocks

I’ve already attached my blocks. Scroll up

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but, what is the issue your are facing?

It is showing error: This ID is already used for another component, please pick another.

you have problem with variables and count procedure, i am busy sorry man

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For the all extension users, don’t use Math blocks to set the ID, because there is still a chance that ID can be duplicate.

Use Join block from Text category and try to combine texts along with numbers to the ID instead of just typing number.

For example setting “MyArrangement_3” ID to a arrangement will allow you to use the same number (3) for other component, like “Button_3”.

Additionally, if ID is not important for you, I can add a new block that returns an unique ID randomly.


Looking forward to see a new update :wink:

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This would be great :+1:

What wrong did I do here? It is still saying the ID is already used for another component.

You repeat creating the component with the same ID for 15 times.

So even if I use get number from the loop doesn’t work.

These blocks should be working correctly as a unique ID is assigned for both of the components.

What this error means??

No to delete all ids at same time use this :point_down: blocks


Which error? You have shared block image only…


opps, sorry

Thank you @Vaibhav
That works perfectly.

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Issue may be is here…