[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Opps, thanks, I was trying to create label in label instead of arrangement. :crazy_face:


@yusufcihan extension and @themaayur guide is helping me a lot!!

Can i use this for mit hackathon?


So doesn’t it work correctly?

No, it still shows the error. I am still trying to figure out what is happening. I think the previous IDs are not getting cleared when the companion is refreshed. I tried doing "Do it" and it shows me the IDs which were used previously.

Then that’s the problem, you can’t create new components with same ID until you Remove them with Remove block.


Thanks for your reply. I will try to remove all the used IDs before creating a new component and will let you know soon.

Pls reply me @yusufcihan

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pls reply :pleading_face:

Of course, you can!

I, Yusuf Cihan as the author of the Dynamic Components Extension, grant that the extension included in this project is free and that MIT has a non-exclusive irrevocable license to republish the extension as part of the project file for the purposes of the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020.

Also, my extension is already open source and licensed with MIT license for your interest.


what this error means, should i need to show my blocks?

You need to pass a component but I think so you are doing something else maybe a I’d DFloNum

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what is this mean?

Read the error

i have already, but how can i sove it?

my blocks

While setting property is a button somewhere you are not giving correct block in place of component. Check it.

What is the value of global btn, btn1 and btn2?


I thinks so there you must use get components from id
how can a component be a variable

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which value? you mean id?