[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

If you use template parameter in component ID:
Yes, it will be converted to string.

If you use template parameter in properties:
At first, “{key}” will be replaced to the input value as string. However, while setting the properties of the component, the value will be converted to type that property is asking for. For example, if you want to set the “FontBold” property, extension will convert the input value type to what “FontBold” property asks for.

In short, if property itself asks for a different type of value (Number, Boolean etc.) then extension will try to convert it automatically.

Official answer: Using reflection


Thank you so much, this make everything easier. :grinning:

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I have a multline text in one label. How to set Center Text alignment in label through this extension?

Use set property name block.
The property name of text alignment is TextAlignment
Set the value to 0/1/2
Center is 1


@Xoma as i promised last night here is a solution of your question i have created a project for you can try apk and then try its aIa to see my logic
it has dynmic and a simple componet too when you clicked on them it will tell you whether it is created witrh extension or not
let me know if it works or not
ComponentFinder.apk (5.1 MB)
ComponentFinder.aia (17.6 KB)


Thanks youuuuu very much

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U r welcom :innocent:


Please I have a doubt
There is a horzontal scroll arrangement that I created using the extension
In horzontal extension there is a button
Who can I get the id of the Horzontal scroll arrangement of which the button is ?

Use getID by component. When you are creating in the particular horizontal arrangement, use something special id to let yourself know where did it create.

After that, when any button clicked, check if the id contain your special id

can not do this because there are 100 horziontal scroll arrangement any other idea ?


Check out here i have provided an aia and apk too

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That’s is exacly the problem. Because he has 100 horizontal scroll arrangement, therefore

This method and yours is not working too.


@Vivekjain please provide more details what u want to do… And show some related blocks

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Try this, from this you can know which horizontal scroll arrangement of button

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@Vivekjain Sorry, I make a big mistake in my previous post. Check again the updated blocks:

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Thank You i already saw that you changed blocks

How can I get the value of label.text of a dynamic label also I have two buttons the - and the +, if I click on the + button I want the label.text to increase by 1 and if I click on - I want the label to decrease by 1 and if the label.text is <= 1 it shouldn’t decrease by 1. I use the dynamic component. I have tried so many times and I failed please help me

Hey I Want To Know How I Can Create Click Event For Dynamic Component Extention List.

What exactly is the list?