[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

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He has got the correct answer, he just need to use that logic and apply in his app.

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I am unable to create components with Async Procedures extension

The procedure works fine
I am getting error with Create Block (don’t know about other blocks)

What name we need to give to set Html enabled in label?

Value : true/false

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Maybe search in this topic before asking?

Try to call it directly instead of using the async extension. If this error still shows up, show your relevant blocks.

I need it to load asynchronously, So app runs smoothly

Try to create component with async extension
You may also get this error

But the delay (component creating time) will be same.

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There is something issue/bug in that extension, I was also trying to use it. But the Developer is not active here so we can’t do anything.


Yes, time is same
But it improves user experience
When components are being created, I can’t do anything on screen (7-8 seconds)

But, you should read this reply about how making the task asynchronously affects this extension’s behaviour.

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Then don’t load all data at one time just load some data that will fill the screen and the load on user scroll.

I am doing this
The API returns 30 per page

Then load 10 or 5 each time according to your need.

Yeah… I thought about it…

I request you to create an extension similar to Async Procedures extension to run Procedures

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Is schema faster?

Same speed, it just decreases the block usage.

Actually it takes less than 1 second to create 30 components, but if you are loading images from URL, you should use the Async Image Utilities component. Here is the speed benchmark.