[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

You have a time in this community.
Please better explain what you want to do. Upload images of the ones you have tried. This way it is easier to help you !!!

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Later I can present photos. I’m nowhere near my notbook.

But I have 2 Horizontal Arrangement components.
The arrangement_horizontal2 is within the arrangement_horizontal1.
Reason: I’m creating a progress bar.

I want to know if these 2 components I can put inside several cardviews made with this extension.
I tried to do it here, but I was only able to put a horizontal arrangement.

Arranjo_horizontal2 is not in arranjo_horizontal1.
He’s getting one below the other.

You can created a procedure to created a card view (or all card view you need) into each HA.
If you post your block any can see it’s wrong and help to solve the problem.


Very good. I am making a wocommerce app with dynamic components. I have a little problem that I don’t know how to solve. In the cart window, where the entire shopping list appears, I want to add a sum of the total purchase. How do I add the labels or numeric texts that dynamic components creates for me?

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Hello, very nice extension. I only have one problem when I create a card it is created but I cannot delete it. An error is always displayed.

The community official language is English, could you please translate your post :slightly_smiling_face:.
Edit: thanks !


What error is that?

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no errors are displayed but all components are deleted except for the card

Then you must be not removing the card view ID’s


… or the card is not created dynamically


Version 2.1

Sorry for not releasing any update for 2 months. :sweat_smile:

:star: New


  • Added ability to switch between asynchronous/synchronous.
    You can now choose to create components asynchronously or synchronously!


  • ComponentCreated
    Raises after a component has been created using the Create block. It also will be raised for components that were created with Schema.

:white_check_mark: Fixed

  • ImageSprite and Sprite now creating correctly.
    ImageSprites and Sprites were not moving when created dynamically. Now it is fixed.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Improved

  • LastUsedID now returns last component’s ID.
    LastUsedID was storing the latest used ID with Create, but now it returns the last component’s ID, so it is changing when the last component has deleted.

  • TemplateCreator now has a GUI.
    It is not perfect, but easier to use than a CLI.

Thanks to @Shreyash for refactoring the codebase!
Thanks to @hammerhai for adding async support and several changes.

Looking for downloads? Fasten your seat belt and
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Great ! :v:

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Great update @yusufcihan . Thanks for your contribution :golfing_man:t2:

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Great work @yusufcihan, Thanks for this update.

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Reload the page and try again.


Property setter was expecting a com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.MakeroidCardView component but got a HorizontalArrangement instead.
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.


How to solve this problem

You are using a property block that made for CardViews, but you gave an arrangement instead.

Learn_Quran.aia (29.5 KB)

first time it’s working properly but when I used your last version then showing this error .

All the projects I did have the same errors :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

Hello,yusufcihan first I thanks to you for this great extention .I create a device image list with card view by this extention but when I used ‘when any Dynamic card view click’ (in build) with Dynamic Component Extention.not work…so what can I do?Please reply …